New Video: Armour

Pic: Downtown Philadelphia

Strewn fragments of a promise
A spirit foundered, chafed and left to bleed
The grand naivety of Thomas;
Or a reckless test to see where all paths lead

To batter through the egg shell
We must first destroy a world
And its rustic ways to rebel
Don’t even say a word
Just come along

Video: Live in Uppsala

The footage is from the rock club Agaton at HiJazz in Uppsala, Sweden, last February. The song is called Ruins of Messolonghi.

Pic: New Stickers!

Watch out world! We’ve got 2000 of these bad boys…

Pic: Live @ Uplands

Photo: Joakim Axelsson
You can also read the whole article here.

Free live-mp3

We’re busy finishing off recording for our debut album at the moment – actually Jon is picking me up in like 20 minutes to get to the studio – but here’s a little treat while you’re waiting. It’s a live mp3 from our epic ballad Ruins of Messolonghi. Enjoy!

Alpha 60 – Ruins of Messolonghi (live 2010-04).mp3


Pic: On the way back from the gig

Live in Tierp tonight

Alpha 60 live

The electro-rock steamroller is coming to the Youth Club in Tierp. We’re doing this gig with backup beats instead of live drums, so bring dancing shoes!


The first brick

If a new world is to be constructed, why not let this web site be the first brick? Here are a few fitting lines from our latest song ‘Still’:

ALPHA 60 Live“Run, my comrade, run,
Don’t argue – there’s no time
The old world’s gaining on us every day

But this is what we want
To get a fresh new start
We’re halfway there and it’s too late to stop

Carry on, carry on,
there are still many maps to burn
Carry on, carry on,
many monuments left to raze”

Cheers to new beginnings.